John C. O'Brien III

Communications  Consultant

My Resume
  • Communications Savant, a bank
  • Director of Communications and Government Relations at LeadsOnline/LeadsOnlabs
  • Campaign Manager for Vickery for Texas State Representative
  • Website creator and administrator for
  • New Media Communications Consultant for the Istook for Governor campaign in 2006
  • Deputy Press Secretary for Ernest Istook, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Legislative Assistant for Immigration and Telecommunications for  Rep. Istook
  • Founded grassroots initiative helping Latino parents improve students' performance in school
  • Fundraiser for the RNC
  • Volunteer for several local, state, and federal campaigns


  • MA in Political Management (with honors) from George Washington University
  • BA and MA, both in Philosophy from Baylor University
Other work experience:
  • Intranet website developer and administrator for a national financial services company
  • Instructional Design Consultant
  • Soft Skills Trainer for Microsoft
  • Founder a boutique mediation company
  • Regional Director and Master Trainer for The Princeton Review

References and writing samples are available upon request.

If you would like a copy of my full résumé with dates, company names, and other specifics, feel free to contact me.